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 Rule for the site, Please read and sign

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Rule for the site, Please read and sign Empty
PostSubject: Rule for the site, Please read and sign   Rule for the site, Please read and sign Icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 8:05 am

Ok here are some of the rules for this site please read before registering.
1 ) No spamming on this site or on others or you will be banned
2 ) Please respect all members including staff.
3 ) Staff members have the right to edit delete and move any posts.
4 ) If you do not post within 2 weeks of registering your account will be deactivated.
5 ) We are not responsible for any third party using your photos names signatures from this site although we will try resolve the matter.
6 ) Please try refrain from swearing as some people may not like it
7 ) Notice that everyone have there own opinions and some might not be the same as yours
8 ) Do not us any sort of aggressive or bad behaviour against other members or staff

10 main rules

1 )No posting illegal content
2 )No Flaming
3 )No Harassment
4 )No No posting inappropriate material or content
5 )No Spamming
6 )No posting links to other sites unless you have admins permission
7 )No Cursing
8 )No begging for titles, they must be earned
9 )Please think before posting
10 )Admin and mods have the right to delete or modify any post they see unfit
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Rule for the site, Please read and sign
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